What is it? an academic publication

What does it allow you to do? read articles in the field of digital heritage and gain insight into the work of CINE

Cost? free

Who is it for?

As a partnership, we have produced a peer-reviewed edition of the Journal of Media Innovations. The journal has been edited by Professor Joan Condell from Ulster University and Curator Judith McCarthy from Donegal County Museum. They state in the foreword:

“Digital technologies provide huge opportunities for improving public access to different forms of cultural assets. One of the main benefits of the digital revolution is that cultural heritage becomes more accessible to people notwithstanding their location or their financial resources. Digital technology can also revolutionise the way we travel and enjoy our cultural heritage. It can provide quality information about heritage sites and enhance visitors’ experience. In addition, harnessing innovation and digital solutions contributes to a more sustainable and responsible tourism sector.”

It consists of

  • Foreword by the editors
  • Virtual Community Heritage – An Immersive Approach to Community Heritage by Niall Mc Shane, Joan Condell, Jorge Alvarez, Alan Miller
  • Museums, Artefacts and Cultural Heritage Sites by Gunnar Liestøl
  • Remediation of Historical Photographs in Mobile Augmented Reality by Espen Johnsen Bøe
  • The Acropolis on the Immersive Web by Jay David Bolter, Maria Engberg, Colin Freeman, Gunnar Liestøl and Blair MacIntyre
  • The use of digital solutions in museums today and in the future by Anna Insa Vermehren, Johanna Clements, Ida Fossli, Jaroslav Bogomolov

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