What is it? A case study including a Situated Simulation model and photo positioning game, packaged in an app

What does it allow you to do? Learn from our case study. See what we have made and how we made it.

Cost? free

Who is it for?

The Vágar model is a situated simulation of an archaeological site of international relevance. The medieval fishing town of Vágar was the most populated urban center in Northern Norway at the time. It is here that the organised trade with stockfish to different European countries started. To better understand this landscape and its human footprint, Oslo University, Aurora Borealis Multimedia and Museum Nord have created a digital model with different layers that users can move through:

  • History layer: ice age
  • History layer: 15 century with animations
  • History layer: 19 century with animations
  • Future layer: scenario 3 degrees increase in temperature – humid version (part of OT1.3.1)
  • Future layer: scenario 3 degrees increase in temperature – dry version (part of OT1.3.1)

Part of this app is also a game where historical photographs can be placed digitally in the physical landscape.

Several tests have been conducted with members of the local community as well as pupils and students. The new model was presented and discussed at the online event “Nye løsninger for digital formidling av Storvågans historie” on the 12 November 2020.

The app is currently being tested and will be publicly available soon.

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