What is it? A webpage that explains easy to use digital tools in a heritage context

What does it allow you to do? Learn about media platforms, photography, video, audio, 360 photography, photogrammetry, mapping

Cost? Free, although using some of the tools or platforms recommended may incur a cost

Who is it for?

Digital technology has changed how we view and present our natural and cultural heritage.

Communities have access to digital multimedia tools and platforms that can be utilised to help preserve their natural and cultural heritage.

In the era of smart phones and mobile technology people have access to devices capture content that ranges from photography, high definition video to 3D artefact scanning and share their content to a global audience. This technology can empower communities to take ownership of their history, heritage and stories.

Through the development of digital tools and promotion of accessible platforms museums and heritage organisations can support communities in the creation of heritage content.

This website provides a series of ‘getting started’, guides for a range of digital tools we believe can provide value to community heritage projects.

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