What is it? a digital heritage treasure hunt game

What does it allow you to do? to see what an example of an interactive, multi-player app and to get access to the creator CMS

Cost? To use the app is free. To create an app and publish a game to the app store starts from €69 per day to €990 for a year depending on the duration and number of games required

Who is it for?

A multiplayer smart phone game where you take an interactive heritage hunt through Letterkenny’s historic centre, discovering the town’s history from a different perspective. Using the latest location-based gaming technology the useres will join a team of explorers tasked with discovering historic locations to complete interactive challenges. Who will discover the most treasure along the trail?

The heritage walk was created by Donegal county museum, Ireland using Locatify’s content management system for making tours and games. No coding or advanced IT skills required!

The gamified tour encourages groups and families to walk the historic centre of Letterkenny with their smartphones. As players visit the town’s locations they complete mini, interactive challenges for points and treasures. The player or team with the most points at the end is the winner.

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