What is it? an app to gather landscape data with the help from the public

What does it allow you to do? to see an example of advanced mapping

Cost? free information

Who is it for?

The idea with the Muninn app was to crowdsource cultural remains in landscaped with help of the public. The information gathered via the app goes into a special database where it is certified and then made visible on a map

In CINE this app was developed as part of Advanced Mapping, a method to gather information of landscapes and to present this in layers on maps.

Muninn was made for the associated partner The Cultural Heritage Agency of Iceland, which is an administrative institution responsible for archiving information about archaeological and built heritage. They run a geo-located database for protected and listed archaeological sites. In Iceland, each municipality is obliged to register cultural heritage within their territory as a part of their land-use and master plans. Only a part of cultural heritage in the country has been located and listed.

Muninn is currently being tested.

This toolkit was brought to you by CINE and partners: