What is it?
An experimental mobile Virtual Reality App and documentation of what we learned

Who is it for?
Museums/heritage organisations
Multimedia companies
Techie people
History buffs

What is the outcome?
You will be able to use our learning in the development of future products

Accessing the experimental app and reading our learning is free; developing future apps based on our experience will involve engaging an app developer

The heritage site Skriðuklaustur contains the ruins of a 16th century Augustinian monastery which provided the testing ground for a variety of technologies during the CINE project.

Here we created a digital model, digitised hundreds of artefacts from the excavation, mapped the historical travel routes around the monastery, made a treasure hunt game and tested ultra-wideband (UWB) for accurate positioning of 3D models outdoors.

The monastery was founded around 1493 but came to an end during the Reformation in 1550. In the following centuries, the history of the monastery was almost forgotten, but was revealed in an archaeological research project from 2000-2012.

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