What is it? A virtual model of a historic landscape

What does it allow you to do? See what is possible through collaboration between heritage organisations and "techie" people

Cost? free

Who is it for?

The two digital reconstructions present sites in the Strath of Kildonan, the pre-clearances longhouse settlement of Caen, and an Iron Age settlement close by the same site. Both models have been used to enrich heritage dissemination online, through digital events, as part of the Real Rights exhibition and as an outdoor touring app, the Timespan Landscape Explorer.

Caen, pre-clearance township 1813

Iron Age Kildonan

This digital reconstruction has been made using archaeological and archaeobotany evidence. It includes roundhouses, agricultural field systems, 3D objects from the Timespan Museum collection and animated characters. It demonstrates life in the Iron Age and the effects of changing climates on farming communities.

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